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Short & Sweet Birthday Messages

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

“Just like a fine wine, you seem to get better with age. Happy birthday, handsome guy!”

“Hey Birthday Boy! I’m sending you this ironic birthday wish because I know you’re way too cool for ordinary human sentiments.”

If there’s one person I can always count on, you’re the one. Wishing you a happy birthday!

Friends are one of life’s greatest treasures. I cherish you today and always! Happy birthday.

Nothing can shake our unbreakable bond — and for that, I’m forever grateful. Happy birthday, bestie.

We’ve shared so many good times together and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the person who can make me laugh when I want to cry. You’re the best friend any girl could have.

Short Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

I can’t wait to spend the night celebrating my favorite person! I adore you to bits!

I hope your birthday is as special as you are, friend. Much love and many smooches.

Doing life with you is just better. I’m so grateful to celebrate another birthday with you my best friend.

HBD to my BFF for life, I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Thank GOODNESS my bestie entered the world today! Adore you to the moon and back!

Here’s to another year of friendship, laughter, and getting up to no good together! Happy Birthday!

“Sending some love to the most charming man in my life. You always bring the best out of me. I do not know how you do it, but I love you for that. Happy Birthday.”

Happy Birthday! As I can’t be there on your special day, I am sending extra love and kisses your way.

I hope you have the best birthday possible, even without me there.

Happy Birthday! Whilst being apart hurts my heart, I know one day we will be together, and this pain will be a thing of the past.

Happy Birthday! I can’t wait for our belated celebrations together.

Happy Birthday! A long-distance relationship is only as strong as the love that fuels it, which is why ours is unbreakable.

Happy Birthday! My love for you stretches further than the miles between us.

250+ Unforgettable Birthday Wishes for Friends

Happy Birthday! I love you with all my heart despite all this time apart.

Happy Birthday! Even though I’m not there today, be excited for the gifts that are coming your way, as the best is yet to come, so look forward to that my handsome one.

I think you’re supposed to get wiser with age? Well, that’s okay, there’s always next year!

Happy birthday! I forgive you for being younger than me.

Happy birthday to the woman who taught me everything I know about getting on daycare waitlists and who poured me a big glass of wine when I found out the costs.

Although we only became friends a few years ago, it feels like I’ve known you forever. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend!

We may not get into the same types of shenanigans we used to back in the day, but I always have a blast hanging out with you.

You have been so strong in the face of a difficult year. Here’s to sunnier days ahead.

Happy birthday! Here’s to another year of giggling in yoga class together!

Work would be so boring without you! So happy that [company] brought us together.

I love that we can always pick up right where we left off. Happy birthday to my lifelong friend!

Happy birthday to someone who can make me laugh when I want to cry. I love you so much!

Wishing you a birthday that’s as adventurous as you are! Here’s to another year of globe-trotting adventures and funny stories.

Although I can’t be there to celebrate with you in person, I’m wishing you the happiest birthday ever!

Happy birthday to my favorite [running partner / Bible study pal / soccer mom / etc]!

Wishing you 24 hours full of celebration, though you deserve even more!

Happy birthday to someone with the most fabulous shoe collection I’ve ever seen!

One of the best parts of life is friendship. Thanks for being my friend.

When we met, I immediately knew that we’d be friends for a long time. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend!

Here’s to another year of dinners and hang-outs where we laugh so hard our cheeks hurt!

Because it’s your birthday, I’ll share my nachos with you.

Birthday Blessings for Best Friends

I’m actually just here for the cake. But happy birthday!

Like a fine wine, you’re only getting better with age!

Happy birthday to someone who’s talented, gorgeous, and charming. Takes one to know one!

[Your pet’s name] says “Happy birthday to my favorite aunt / uncle!”

Another year older, and still no gray hairs! Happy birthday to you and your fountain of youth (and maybe your hairdresser).

Happy birthday! Having me as your best friend is really the only gift you need.

Wishing a very happy birthday to my favorite elder.

They say you get wiser and better with age. Is it true? I wouldn’t know, I’m forever 21.

Happy birthday to the only person who will be honest with me when my makeup looks weird.

We might need to call the fire department to help with all these candles! Happy birthday, friend.

I’m so happy we’re going to get old together, and that you have a head start.

Happy birthday to someone who is smart, talented, pretty, creative, and fabulous. I love that we’re so much alike.

It is scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer. Congrats on your success.

Here’s to hoping all your candles this year don’t set off the fire alarm. Your birthday is gonna be lit.

Another birthday, another year older. Don’t you think it’s about time we started to act our age? Well, I knowexactly what you’ll say. Next year. Happy birthday.

You’re not old. You’re just old enough to know better but not old enough to care. Happy birthday.

Another year to prove that older doesn’t really mean wiser. Happy birthday.

When I say, “have a happy birthday,” you better freaking do it!

30 Funny birthday wishes for best friends

Wishing you nothing but tacos and champagne on your big day, or whatever else makes it special!

Can you hear that down the block? That’s me screaming, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”

We’re both getting old, but who’s counting? Happy birthday!

If you’re getting old, that means I am too! Happy birthday geezer!

Don’t think of it as getting older; think of it as becoming a classic.

You’re older than yesterday but younger than tomorrow — happy birthday!

Hey, you! It’s your birthday! Candles! Cocktails! Cake! Gifts! Can you tell I’m excited?!

Don’t forget your real gift: everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to you awkwardly later tonight!

How many birthdays have we spent together now? I guess it’s official — you’re stuck with me!

Let’s party like it’s [insert your friend’s birth year]! Happy birthday to a true vintage!

Happy birthday to someone who is always willing to try a new Pinterest idea with me…and is able to laughwith me when it becomes a Pinterest fail.

Happy birthday to someone who is always there to listen when I need to vent about my husband and kids. You’ve saved me lots of money in therapy bills!

“Happy Birthday to a great guy! You do so much for others. I hope you can take some time for yourself on your big day. You deserve it as much as anyone, and more than most.”

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